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At Igloo we specialise in the recruitment of professional drivers within the Transport and Logistics sector.

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Igloo supply Class 1 driver roles all across the UK

Predominately Igloo supply Class 1 drivers to customers across the country and although the driving aspect of the job remains the same, albeit the vehicles may differ a bit from customer to customer, other aspects of the job can be very different though from customer to customer, please see further details below.

Class 1 drivers typically earn

Class 1 drivers can typically earn anywhere between £500 and £1000 per week and are typically engaged with Igloo either as a traditional PAYE Agency Worker, or via an umbrella company or via their own limited company.

Class 1 drivers will need to have an excellent geographical knowledge of the UK road networks and as well as holding a valid C+E category on their driving license they must have a digital tachograph card and a driver qualification card. Majority of Igloos customers require that Class 1 drivers have completed 180 days of checkable driving on UK roads within the last 2 years. Usually a maximum of 6 points for minor offences is all that is allowed for class 1 drivers to be successful in their application for roles within the industry.

Igloo supply Class 1 Transporter driver roles

Igloo supply Class 1 Car Transporter drivers, within these roles drivers are often away from home all of their working week, known in the industry as “Tramping”, there are facilities within the cab for the drivers to sleep. As a car transporter driver is responsible for the loading and unloading of a range of vehicles, usually cars and vans. Drivers often receive a bonus for amount of runs they do within the week as well as a damage bonus, these are often included to encourage the driver to complete more drops whilst ensuring they do not simply neglect the loading and unloading of the vehicles that may cause damage to them.

Igloo also supply Class 1 drivers that are expected to offload goods that are in cages, usually referred to in the industry as “Hand-balling”, these roles are more likely to be where drivers are delivering to stores rather than warehouses or distribution centres.

A lot of the time Igloo’s Class 1 drivers are only expected to either back on to a loading bay or pull back the curtains on the side of their trailers and then the team of warehouse operatives would unload or load the trailer.
Class 1 drivers must follow the tachograph laws and take breaks at the designated times, once back to Igloo’s customers depot following their shift drivers must download their tachograph data onto a computer system, this data is analysed and drivers can be reprimanded should their be any infringements showing on this data.

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