C+E (Class 1) ADR Driver

Typical pay for an Class 1 ADR driver is between £13.00 -£17.00

Due to the nature of this kind of work, hours will not be set, you would typically find drivers give a “start window” so they will say their start times are between the hours of 06:00hrs and 09:00hrs and the planners at the sites will schedule them for start times that fit their window. As with most transport and logistics many of the operations are 24/7.

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What is ADR?

The European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road was created in Geneva on the 30th of September 1957 and came into force on the 29th of January 1958. ADR comes from the official French name for the agreement which is “Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route”

ADR Training

From the 1st January 2007 it became mandatory for all drivers of any vehicle carrying dangerous goods to be trained by a department of transport approved training provider. The initial ADR course lasts 4 days in total including examinations however if the driver adds the tanker module this initial training will extend to 5 days.

Once the driver has successfully completed the course and the examinations, they will receive an ADR vocational training certificate (VTC), also known as an ADR licence, which is valid for 5 years and details all the ADR exam modules the driver has successfully completed. The ADR licence is recognised throughout Europe and gives the holder the authorisation to transport any dangerous substance which falls within a category listed on their licence.

Within 12 months of the expiry date listed on the ADR licence the holder may complete a shorter ADR refresher course in order to renew their licence for another 5 year period. This course may be taken anytime in the final year of validity and up to 5 weeks before the expiry date. Successful completion of the course and the exams will extend the ADR licence for an additional 5 years from the official expiry date.
One of Igloo’s clients requires drivers to be Hazard Aware, so if we have a class one driver that does not hold an ADR license then they can sit an online Dangerous Goods by Road Awareness course and pass the exam at the end, once they have done this we can use them on the contract. This client books drivers that need to transport items such as, motor oil, paints and lithium batteries, so although its not a legal requirement they need them to be aware of how to transport and handle these items safely.

ADR Drivers

The type of drivers Igloo provide will be doing deliveries to, Bristol, Huddersfield, Manchester, Derby, Lincoln, Birmingham, Tewkesbury, Dunstable, Canterbury and Slough.

A typical shift for an ADR driver working for Igloo:

  • Arrive at the trailer park and complete their vehicle checks.
  • The drivers are then given a load time and must drive to the depot to meet this load time.
  • Once loaded they must then travel to their delivery location, which is usually vehicle dealerships, the drivers are given a delivery time window of an hour to make the delivery in.
  • Drivers will be expected to do a maximum of 3 deliveries in a shift, depending on where the run is too.
  • Drivers need to download their driver (Digi) cards at the start and the end of their shifts.
  • Drivers must always comply with the tachograph laws.
  • Typically shifts will be between 7 and 12.5 hours.
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