Truck Driver Essentials

An experienced truck driver has probably mastered the driver essentials however, if you are new to truck driving then keep reading!

As a truck driver you cannot guarantee that you will be driving the same truck daily therefore, you’ll need a suitable portable bag to keep all your essentials in a safe place. You’ll want to choose the right size bag for the length of the shift that you are doing. Depending on how long you are out on the road for will mean that you might need to downsize your essentials bag.

Below is a list bags that we believe to be in an affordable price range and suitable for your essentials bag.

Boohoo Man Holdall

Brasilia Medium Holdall

Under Armour Duffel Bag

What are some essentials that you might need?

  • Satnav – Ensure that it’s an HGV satnav as drivers can be fined if they are using a car sat nav
  • Spare hi vis
  • First aid kit
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Pencil and/or pen
  • Paper
  • Depending on the length of your shift you might want a spare change of clothes
  • Driving licence, Digi Tacho, CPC and any qualification for the job
  • Spare digital tacho paper
  • Spare pare of glasses if needed for driving
  • Safety boots
  • Exemption certificate if applied (some people have these for not wearing a seatbelt for medical reasons)