Why choose Igloo vehicle compound management?

We already manage over 40,000 vehicles a year in compounds covering the length and breadth of the UK. This equates to over 1 million vehicle movements per year. It’s safe to say that we know what is involved in large scale vehicle compound management.

We manage over 40,000 vehicles a year

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We cover all of the UK

We know what's involved in large scale compound management

Vehicle Inspection Services

There is much more to our vehicle compound services than just vehicle storage and movement. Did you know we can also help you with a wide range of vehicle inspection services including:

  • Comprehensive in & out bound inspections
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • A wide range of other essential inspections with detailed shipping inspection reports
  • Professional valeting
  • Fitting locking wheel nuts
  • Battery testing and changing
  • Much more!

Call the Igloo team today on 01455 891 358 or complete the below form. We’re ready to help you understand what your vehicle compound requires and provide you with a competitive, comprehensive and reliable solution.

Movement of vehicles in your compound

An essential and daily activity within your compound is vehicle movement. We complete over 1 million of these a year covering:

  • Vehicle delivery and pick-up from workshops
  • Collecting vehicles from load lanes when they arrive at the compound via the carriers
  • Taking vehicles to load lanes ready to be collected by carriers for their onward journey to customers
  • Safely baying vehicles away in the compound

This makes us experts in the efficient organisation of compounds, ultimately saving you time, money and ensuring a seamless service for all.

Trust Igloo for Vehicle Inspection and Compound Management

Our full compound management solution is overseen by our National Compound Manager. Each site we service has its own dedicated manager that works closely with your operations team to ensure that all of the vehicle movements and services are logged and completed correctly each day.

No room is left for error in an Igloo managed compound and that is why we are first choice for so many across the UK.

Ready to change the way your vehicle compound runs?

Call the Igloo team today on 01455 891 358 or contact us online now.We can’t wait to show you how compound management should be done!

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