Who can manage my fleet?

We’ve had some of the UK’s largest vehicle transportation companies come to us asking if we can really take the hassle out of driver management and even run their fleet for them.

The answer is yes! 

Igloo is the first choice because of our people. We are backed up by a team of trained, experienced drivers, who undertake a professional detailed vehicle handover process every time. Attention to detail is key at every step of your fleet management solution.

We can tailor processes to your requirements so they suit your fleet management logistics. Every stage is thoroughly explained and the key attributes highlighted. From new vehicle handovers to vehicle acquisition and disposal.

With a dedicated out of hours support for all our clients and drivers, you can rest assured your fleet is being looked after 24/7.

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We’ll run your fleet and supply the best fleet drivers!

We are able to fulfil all of your automotive staffing solutions. Our fleet drivers are available for temporary and permanent jobs and we can cater to all fleet management logistic positions including administrators, planners, transport managers and more.

Looking for a complete fleet management solution? Contact Igloo today on 01455 891 358 and meet your dedicated account manager.

Great driver management starts with great fleet drivers

All of our fleet drivers are professional, polite and hold the highest levels of compliance to ensure you’re covered. They are:

  • trained on all transmissions and fuel types
  • electric vehicle ready with training to drive, charge and demonstrate,
  • fantastic face to face with high levels of customer service experience
  • experienced with vehicle POC and POD Live Systems

Fleet Management Logistics - more than just drivers

Igloo is ready to cover more than just your fleet management driver needs.

Our inhouse compliance team can provide you with essential services and solutions. In doing so they will increase the cost-effectiveness of your fleet and allow you to reclaim precious man-hours that should be spent on running your business.

We can provide:

  • Transport managers
  • Transport admins
  • Transport planners
  • Drivers

It’s time to stop worrying about your drivers and their licences, database checks or even non-payment of items like tolls or parking fines. Our payroll team even covers paying expenses to drivers, so if a minibus or rental vehicle solution simply isn’t an option, Igloo is able to pay back expenses to drivers the following week.

When we say we can run your fleet we mean all elements of it!

Vehicle company fleet management

We’re also able to offer you a reliable fleet vehicle rental solution so no fleet driver is ever left stranded. Our bespoke approach ensures this is  economic and sustainable for your business.

We can even arrange chase vehicles, one off rentals or provide transport at short notice via our very own Igloo 16 Seater Minibus.

Call the Igloo team today on 01455 891 358 or contact us online now.

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