We often get questions regarding our application process so thought it would be best to answer them all in one go.


What happens after I register my interest and/or apply for a role with Igloo?

After you have registered your interest with us, our experienced consultants will sort through all the applications that we have received. Where possible, everyone will be contacted to go through the interview process.

If we feel that you are not suitable for this specific role, we will try to find you something more suitable elsewhere.

If we believe that you are suitable, you will be asked to complete our application process and send in your identification (ID) and references. Once you have completed this process, we will put you forwards to our client.


What is a ‘proof of right to work’?

A ‘proof of right to work’ is documentation that proves that you are legal to work in the UK. Everyone will have to provide this, even if you are a British citizen.


What references do I need?

We ask for two references from your previous employers. We will ask for you to provide either their contact number or email address and we will contact them from there.


I’m not too sure what job I want, can you help me?

Of course! We are here to help make your job search process the easiest that it could be. We will go through your work history and find a job suitable for you.


I already have a job but I’m looking for some extra work, can I still apply?



Once I have completed your registration process, how long is it before I can work?

We will work to get you started ASAP!