We have asked our workers a few questions about the roles that they are in so you can hear their experiences and advice first-hand.


What is your job role?

My job role is HGV driver.


What made you want to drive professionally?

I wanted to drive professional initially to support my race mechanics job, though then found I liked the road trips more, this then followed on the general to general haulage.


How long have you been driving professionally?

I have held my class one 1st April 1991.


What skills have you learnt from being a driver?

Skills learnt have been route planning, maintenance checks, road awareness and consideration, legalities.


Do you drive locally or is it mostly long distance?

I drive the UK, local and longer distances, all over Europe with motor racing events.


How do you combat tiredness?

Tiredness is a continual problem for most drivers, it is most important to take regular breaks particularly daily rests and drink plenty of fluids, cold water helps.


What are your driver essentials?

Essentials apart from carrying your licence’s and PPE are’ clear clean mirrors, window screens and glasses/ sun glasses, (all about good vision).


What are the best parts about being a driver?

Being a driver means you have you own freedom without others looking over your shoulder.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking at starting a career in driving?

Don’t do it (ha ha). Go out with someone who’s been driving for a while and listen out for their experience’s, get proper training from a reputable company with lots of experience. Don’t take short cuts in procedures (stick to a regular pattern coupling).