We have asked our workers a few questions about the roles that they are in so you can hear their experiences and advice first-hand.


What is your job role?

HGV driver delivering & picking up goods.


What made you want to drive professionally?

To have the freedom to get out of a job indoors. 


How long have you been driving professionally?

About 30 years.


What skills have you learnt from being a driver?

To try to drive safe.


Do you drive locally or is it mostly long distance?

Mostly longer distance driving.


How do you combat tiredness?

Try to get enough rest the night before & if possible, stop for 30 mins to rest.


What are your driver essentials?

Essentials are phone & charger, driving glasses, truckers Road atlas, bottle of water & food.


What are the best parts about being a driver?

Being your own boss up to a point.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking at starting a career in driving?

Drive safe & expect the worst from other vehicles!