Tyre Fitters

Tyre fitters will typically inspect tyres and the either replace or repair them. They will need to select the correct tyres before fitting them to the wheels, once fitted the tyres will need to be balanced and, in some cases, road tested once fitted or repaired.
Usually no formal qualifications are required and often on the job training is given for a tyre fitter. Some companies will take tyre fitters on an apprenticeship basis.

On average a Tyre Fitter will earn £11.54 per hour (£22,500 per annum), more experienced tyre fitters can earn up to and in excess of £16.82 per hour (£35,000 per annum).

Windscreen Fitters

A windscreen fitter or technician will not only replace windscreens, but they will also repair, where they can, small chips in the glass with resin. Within many of Igloo’s clients this job will be done on vehicles within the bodyshop or technical departments of the business.

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