Vehicle Inspectors

Vehicles inspectors are usually people who have an excellent eye for detail and an excellent knowledge of the bodyshop and repair techniques.

Inspectors will complete their inspections before the vehicles go into the bodyshop and have the repairs done to it, their findings will determine the type of repairs that are undertaken on the vehicle. Inspectors will usually work to a set of standards that will determine if a repair is required or not. Usually Inspectors will need to use a computer system so will need to be comfortable working on computers.

Quality Control Checkers

A similar role to that of a vehicle inspector but rather than inspecting for damage and recommending the correct repair methods a Quality Controller will be checking the completed worked has been done to the correct standards and that there are no defects on the bodywork. Once QC has been completed the vehicle would usually be signed off to leave the bodyshop.

With some of Igloo’s clients the completed vehicles will then be taken back into the compound and stored until they are “called” to be shipped to an end user, the vehicles may then have a final check whilst in the “load lanes” where they are parked ready to be loaded on to the car transporters. If a single vehicle is to be sent out and it is not on a car transporter, the Deliver & Collection Driver will do an inspection prior to driving the car and they will then sign this over to the end user.

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Estimators will visually assess the damage to a vehicle by walking around it, they will use a digital camera to take pictures of the damage and then when they return to their office they will upload their findings and pictures in to system, the two software packages used most by Igloo clients are Glasmatix and Audatex, usually clients will want Estimators to be trained and hold a valid certificate in this software.

Estimators will also need good negotiating skills as once they have their estimate they need to put this to an insurance company who will decide if the amount to be paid out is worth it, in some cases the vehicle will be written off which isn’t in the interest of bodyshop as they will lose that work. Insurance companies may choose to send an engineer out to assess the damage and discuss the estimation with the estimator prior to a decision on pay out or writing the vehicle off is made.

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