Automotive Paint Sprayers

A highly skilled role that requires a keen eye for detail. Within this role painters will usually be expected to complete final preparation work, masking some areas up, scotching of panels.
They will usually have to mix their own paint and colour match this to the vehicle prior to painting it. Paint sprayers will usually need their own paint guns and air-fed mask, most paint sprayers will prefer to use their own equipment. The vast majority of paint finishes will be solid paint; however, paint sprayers need to be able to complete, metallic, pearlescent and matte finishes as well. Majority of automotive bodyshops will now use water based paints rather than solvent based ones, there are many brands and some bodyshops may use more than one brand, the brands that are typically used by Igloo’s clients are, Glasurit, Nexa Autocolor, Sikkens, PPG, Spies Heckler and Max Meyer, there are other brands that are used in the industry as well.

Paint Sprayers can earn good money, on average a paint sprayer will earn on average £14.01 per hour (£29,140.80 per annum),however they can command up to and in excess of £20 per hour (£41,600), often the higher salaries are made up of time saved bonuses.

Automotive Panel Beaters

A Panel Beater is a person who repairs the body of a vehicle back to their original state prior to being damaged. They use specialist equipment to carry this role out to ensure that the repairs are completed to a high quality, using body fillers where required to repair damaged body panels. This will also have a massive cost saving in most accident repair centres, the more that can be repaired by the panel beater the more money is saved and profit made by the business. The panel beater’s job will to be repair as much as possible, but also working to manufacturers processes to ensure the repairs are to a high standard as required. Where vehicles are damaged badly Panel Beaters may also be required to weld, typically MIG, MIG Braze and Inverter welding is required. When a vehicle has been involved in an accident the chassis can be moved meaning the Panel Beater will need to put the vehicle onto a jig to realign the chassis. The typical brands used are Caroliner and Blackhawk.

Panel Beaters can earn good money, on average a panel beater will earn around £13.69 per hour (£28,475.20 per annum), however they can command up to and in excess of £20 per hour (£41,600), often the higher salaries are made up of time saved bonuses.

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Body Preppers

A prepper is a skilled operative who can prepare vehicles to a high standard ready to be painted after having body repairs carried out. This includes preparing metal and plastic panels as required to a required process dependent upon the manufacturer’s guidelines. It may not always be damage that is being repaired, it may be rust on the vehicle which needs removing or light scratches and scuffs to the body work. Preppers will typically need to sand panels down, scotch the panels, mask vehicles (using masking tape so areas that don’t need painting are covered), bag vehicles up (cover areas that do not need to be painted) and in some cases preppers will be required to do some minor filler work, along with priming, spraying primer to the panels before being passed to the paint department.

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Strip Fitters

Once the repair method has been agreed usually the first and last area of the bodyshop that the vehicle will go to is the strip fitters, in the first instance the vehicles will have any parts or accessories that may be in the way of the repair removing, parts such as, door handles, trim, wing mirrors, light In some cases, Strip fitters will remove parts such as doors, bonnets, tail gates and bumpers this is often done as it is easier for the paint sprayers to paint these parts on racks in the paint booths. Once the vehicles have repaired, painted and polished the strip fitters will refit all of the parts they previously removed.

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