Interviews can be a daunting situation for some people. However, with our top interview tips this experience should be more calming for you.

Take a look at our top interview tips below:

  • Be prepared – Do your research!
  • Dress appropriately – Keep your shorts and flip flops for the beach!
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time – If it’s over the phone, then sit by your phone ready (and make sure it has enough battery)
  • Make a good first impression – A good first impression can open doors to many great opportunities
  • If you do not understand the question, make sure that you ask the interviewer to repeat or explain in more detail
  • Ask questions! – The more questions you ask, the more information you get about the company and the job role!
  • It’s your time to shine so make sure to sell yourself
  • Do follow up after the interview
  • RELAX!

An interview is not as bad as it may seem!

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