How To: Write a Cover Letter

What is a cover letter and why is it important?

A cover letter is a document, no longer than a page, that you may submit as part of your job application. This is additional to your CV.

This gives you the chance to briefly introduce yourself and summarise your professional background.

On average, a cover letter should be 250 – 400 words long.

How to write a good cover letter?

Before writing your cover letter, we recommend that you do some research on the company and the job role itself.

As mentioned earlier, a cover letter is additional to your CV so you should try not to repeat what is already on your CV.

Step 1: Start the cover letter with a header

It’s important to start your cover letter with your contact information. Ensure that your contact information is correct! There’s been many occasions where we have tried to contact a candidate and their details are wrong, so they end up missing out on a job!

Step 2: Opening paragraph

In the opening paragraph, you should state why you are writing the clover letter. You should include:

  • What job you are applying for
  • Where you found the job advertised
  • When you’re available to start (do you have a notice period?)

Step 3: Second paragraph

In the second paragraph you should explain your strengths and how they could benefit the company and highlight your relevant experience to show how your skills match the specific requirements of the job description.

Step 4: Third Paragraph

In the third paragraph you should cover why you think you are suitable for the role. Also mention why you are interested in working for this company and what you could offer them. This is where your research comes in handy as it’s a good chance to prove what you know about the company so far.

Step 4: Closing paragraph

Use the final paragraph to summarise your letter. Reiterate your interest in the role.

Step 5: Sign off professionally

‘Kind Regards

John Doe’


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