How To: Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

Breaks are important! Even a short break of 30 minutes can help you work more effectively throughout the day.

Totaljobs research shows that ‘More UK workers are skipping lunch – and paying the price’.

Here’s a few ways to ensure that you are making the most of your lunch break.


Don’t be that person that doesn’t eat their lunch because they want to look like a hard worker checking another task off their ‘to do’ list. Later in the day, you’ll start to lose concentration, feel lightheaded and will have gained a headache. Food fuels the body!


Eat your lunch away from your desk

Eating lunch away from your desk can help you be more productive, keep focused and be less stressed. Your lunch break is a time to get away from work. If you take your break at your desk, then all you will be thinking about is work!


Do some reading

Something that many of us wish we did more of is reading. Place yourself in a quiet place (this could be a quiet corner in the canteen, break room, outside or your car) and read a chapter or two.


Listen to a podcast

Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. This could be anything from, educational, comedy, sports, crime stories, etc… Some people find it difficult to focus on a physical book so, another option is a podcast. You can just put your headphones in and listen.


Go for a walk

Walking is great for clearing your mind and lifting your mood! Not only are you clearing your mind but you’re moving your body which will help you feel less stressed. Being outdoors helps your body absorb vitamin D which can aid brain function and increase your energy levels.