Wondering how easy our application process is? Keep reading to find out.

We’ve been using different E-Signature websites such as Docusign and Signable for years. However, we recently got a brand new website and have been able to move all our documents onto there. This makes the application process so much quicker and easier! Try it for yourself!

How does it work?

Once you have spoken to our consultants regarding your desired position, they will send you an email with a list of full instructions of what we need from you. This will include:

  • A list of all your ID documents that we need
  • How to create a share code for a DVLA check (if applicable)
  • A link to our application packs. The application pack that you receive will depend on the job role that you apply for, your employment type and the site that you will be working at.

All ID must be sent to Compliance@igloodrivers.com. You will then need to click the links and fill out the packs. Any mandatory field will have a ‘*’ next to it. If this section does not apply to you, please put ‘N/A’.

Once you have completed filling in your details you will need to:

  • Click ‘SUBMIT’. This will then take you to the next page where you can see the full document.
  • Please ensure that you read through the full document and click into the E-Signature box to sign.
  • Once signed you will see a blue button in the bottom right of the screen, ‘Agree & Sign’ once you click on this button Igloo will receive your completed sign off and you will also receive a copy of the document.

The packs are very straight forwards however, if you get stuck, we have a ‘chat with us’ option in the bottom right hand corner of the website. During office hours we will be active on this however, during out of office hours it will come into the compliance inbox and we will reply as quickly and efficiently as possible.