Over the past few years, Igloo have been trying their best to become more eco-friendly.

We’re all about doing our part to save the environment!

We are currently in the process of becoming a paper free office!

A few years ago, all our application packs used to be completed on paper. Which meant, not only were we having to print around 30 pages per person, but the candidates were then having to drive to their local Igloo office to complete their documents. We then had to store all these documents in our office, which took up a large amount of space! We have tried a few different E-Sign websites including DocuSign and Signable until we were able to have our own, branded, online E-Sign portal on our website! Now that our candidates can sign their documents online, we are now not wasting paper (here’s to saving the trees!). Although we always love to meet our candidates, by having a robust E-Sign portal we can cut down on wasted travel for candidates to sign some of our documentation. Which means candidates are not wasting fuel. Igloo are playing their part in the fight against air pollution.

Instead of using air conditioning when it’s not necessarily needed, we will open the windows to the office instead.

The lights in our conference rooms and side offices have motion sensors so if the rooms are not in use the lights will automatically turn off after a short period of time. This eliminates the fact that someone might forget to turn the lights off and then end up wasting electricity for no reason.

We have also made the switch to ‘The Cheeky Panda’ natural bamboo toilet rolls which has been branded as eco-friendly with no plastic casing on it.