Q. Are you recruiting now?

A. Yes, the business is constantly growing therefore new job opportunities are always becoming available.


Q. What qualities do you look for in a candidate?

A. We look for candidates who are enthusiastic, driven and hard working.


Q. How do I apply?

A. To apply for your desired role you’ll need to call into our head office to discuss the position further (if you have applied trough one of our job sites then we will contact you). Our consultants will then go through the interview process with you. Once the interview has been completed, you’ll be sent a link to the application pack. As well as being sent the application pack you’ll be asked to provide all the relevant identification documents.


Q. Can I apply on my phone or does this need to be completed on a computer?

A. The application process can be completed on your phone as well as on the computer.


Q. How can I be sure my application has been received?

A. When you have completed the application pack it will say that it has been signed and sent off. Our compliance team will then work through all the application packs. Once we have received yours our consultants will be in touch with you regarding the next step.


Q. Can I work for your agency whilst furloughed by my current employer?

A. The government coronavirus job retention scheme allows for furloughed workers to seek work elsewhere whilst being paid by their primary employer.


Q. What’s the difference between PAYE and LTD?

A. PAYE (Pay As You Earn) means that your employer will deduct tax and national insurance contributions from your wages before paying your wages.

LTD (limited company) is its own legal entity. The director of the LTD company will need to keep up with any tax filing and administrative tasks. You can register as a LTD company through Companies House.


Q. Why do I need to prove that I work in the UK?

A. You must prove your right to work in the UK to ensure that employers, like Igloo, are complying with UK law when employing people within the UK. Failing to ensure that our employees can prove their right to work in the UK can carry severe penalties such as fines and imprisonment.


Q. What driving licences do we need?

A. If you are applying for any position in which you will move a car on site or drive off site then we require you to send in a front and back copy of your driving licence. We will then ask you to prove a DVLA check. If you apply for a job as a class 1 driver, we will ask you to provide front and back copies of your driving licence, driver card and driver qualification card.


Q. Why do I have to complete a DVLA check?

A. Before you go on site you must complete a pre-employment DVLA check to ensure that you comply with all requirements before we offer you any work. A DVLA check will also then be completed every three months so that we can keep our system updated. To complete a DVLA check you need to follow the below link and create a share code. This share code will then be sent over to your consultant and they will complete a DVLA check from there. If there are any problems with your licence or if the consultants have any questions regarding what codes might be showing, then the we will be in contact with you.

Create a DVLA share code


Q. How many points can I have on my driving licence?

A. Due to insurance purposes for most of our positions, the maximum amount of points that you can have on your licence is 6 for minor offences. However, this is not always the case so please do no be put off applying!