Here at Igloo we have had a member of our own team successfully go through the process of the EU settlement scheme. We recently completed a Q&A with them regarding the process of applying to the EU settlement scheme.


Q: Did you complete the application online?

A: I completed the process on my mobile phone using an app called, EU Exit: ID Document Check. This allows you to complete the application online and upload your documents to support your application. I believe if you don’t do it this way you have to send your documents off or attend a face to face meeting.


Q: Did you complete this application in your native language or English?

A: I completed it in English. I did notice that the guide to the application process is available in 26 languages.


Q: Was this a complicated and confusing process?

A: No, it was quite straight forward. Everything is explained on the GOV website (What you need to complete in the application).


Q: Is there an application fee?

A: No, it’s free to apply.


Q: What identification documents needs to be sent off for this application?

A: If you are completing the application on your phone you won’t be required to send any documents however, they ask you to scan the chip in your passport. You have only 5 attempts to scan the chip in your passport with your mobile phone otherwise you will have to send other documents.


Q: Does the application need to be completed all at once or could you take a break and come back to it?

A: You can take a break from completing the application pack and come back to it at a later date or time.


Q: Roughly how long did it take you to fill out the application?

A: The application took me 30 minutes to complete.


Q: How long did it take to receive your status from the moment of filling in your application?

A: From completing the application to receiving my settlement status it took about 1 month.


Q: What happened after you applied?

A: I have received an email with the letter attached informing me about my status. The email that you will receive is not proof of your status. You will not usually get a physical document however, you can view your status or prove your status to someone online.

To read more about the EU Settlement Scheme please CLICK HERE.