Interview Tips

Navigating interviews can be nerve-wrecking, but with these interview tips, you can turn this potentially intimidating experience into a positive one.

  1. Preparation: Research the company and role to show that you are genuinely interested.
  2. Dress Smartly: Choose something professional and make yourself stand out.
  3. Punctuality Matters: Aim to arrive 15 minutes early or if you interview is over the phone, be ready to answer at the scheduled time.
  4. First Impressions: Show a positive attitude & body language. Look like you want to be there!
  5. Ask Questions: If you have a question don’t be afraid to ask it. Employers like it when an interviewee asks questions and is taking an interest.
  6. Showcase Yourself: Don’t be afraid to sell yourself – highlight your best qualities and biggest achievements.
  7. Follow-up: Send a thank-you email and express your gratitude for the opportunity.
  8. Relax: Receiving a “no” from the employer is not the end of the world. Keep persevering, and the job you desire will come your way.

Use these tips to better navigate interviews and increase your chances of securing your dream job. Good luck!

Professional Driver Essentials

Professional Driver Essentials

A professional and experienced driver has probably mastered the driver essentials however, if you are new to professional driving then keep reading!

As a professional driver you cannot guarantee that you will be driving the same vehicle daily therefore, you’ll need a suitable portable bag to keep all your essentials in a safe place. You’ll want to choose the right size bag for the length of the shift that you are doing. Depending on how long you are out on the road for will mean that you might need to downsize your essentials bag.

What are some essentials that you might need?

  • Sat nav – if you are a HGV driver we recommend that you invest in a commercial sat nav device
  • Hi vis vest
  • First aid kit
  • Gloves
  • Bottled water
  • Pencil and/or pen
  • Paper
  • Depending on the length of your shift you might want a spare change of clothes
  • Driving licence and if applicable to your driving also, Digi Tacho, CPC and any qualification required for the job
  • Spare digital tacho paper
  • Spare pare of glasses if needed for driving
  • Safety boots
  • Exemption certificate if applicable (some people have these for not wearing a seatbelt for medical reasons)

How To: Stay Safe Behind the Wheel in Poor Weather Conditions

When we experience poor weather conditions it’s important to adapt your driving style. This type of weather brings poor visibility and reduced grip which can make your job extremely challenging. Good manoeuvring skills and skid control skills are essential. Here are some of our tips to stay safe behind the wheel in poor weather conditions.

Inspect the vehicle

Ensure that you have prepared your vehicle according to the weather to prevent any major problems. You should check the tire pressure, engine oil, wiper blades, fluids and lights before you set off for your journey.

Slow down

By driving at a slower speed, you have more time to react in the event that something happens. There is often risk of hydroplaning when driving at a higher speed. This can be due to loosing control of the vehicle due to slush in the road.

Keep a safe distance

Ensure that you keep a safe distance between you and the cars around you when possible. In the event of any unpredictable situations it’s always good to have extra room so you can move out of harm’s way. When driving in snowy and icy conditions more stop time is required.  This is due to reduced grip, visibility and the unpredictability of what could happen from the other drivers on the road.

FACT: The stopping distance on a wet road is twice the normal stopping distance. On an icy road it’s almost 10 times as much!

Turn on your headlights

Not only do you need to keep a safe distance from the other drivers, they need to keep a safe distance from you. Ensure that you have your headlights switched on so they can see you and maintain a safe distance.

Keep an eye out for black ice

Black ice is a thin transparent layer of ice that forms when the temperature is close to freezing. Black ice will make the road look slightly wet. How to spot black ice:

  • There might be a build-up of ice on the mirror arms, top corners of the windshield or antenna
  • There will be no spray back coming from the tyres of the vehicle in front of you

Pull over

If the weather condition become too severe and you’re nervous about driving, ensure you either stay parked at your location or pull over if you are driving. However, if you’re driving on a motorway do not pull over into the hard shoulder as other drivers may mistake you for a moving vehicle. Instead continue onto the next exit or services and come off safely there. Ensure that you listen to the weather reports and warnings so that you can react appropriately.

Be Prepared

Make sure you pack your essential bag and include a little bit extra! Ensure you have warm clothing and blankets with you. If you are going on a longer journey you might want to take other items such as a torch, windshield scraper, a bag of sand/salt and shovel.

Q&A - Drivers (Case 1)

We have asked our workers a few questions about the roles that they are in so you can hear their experiences and advice first-hand.


What is your job role?

HGV driver delivering & picking up goods.


What made you want to drive professionally?

To have the freedom to get out of a job indoors. 


How long have you been driving professionally?

About 30 years.


What skills have you learnt from being a driver?

To try to drive safe.


Do you drive locally or is it mostly long distance?

Mostly longer distance driving.


How do you combat tiredness?

Try to get enough rest the night before & if possible, stop for 30 mins to rest.


What are your driver essentials?

Essentials are phone & charger, driving glasses, truckers Road atlas, bottle of water & food.


What are the best parts about being a driver?

Being your own boss up to a point.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking at starting a career in driving?

Drive safe & expect the worst from other vehicles! 

Q&A - Drivers (Case 2)

We have asked our workers a few questions about the roles that they are in so you can hear their experiences and advice first-hand.


What is your job role?

My job role is HGV driver.


What made you want to drive professionally?

I wanted to drive professional initially to support my race mechanics job, though then found I liked the road trips more, this then followed on the general to general haulage.


How long have you been driving professionally?

I have held my class one 1st April 1991.


What skills have you learnt from being a driver?

Skills learnt have been route planning, maintenance checks, road awareness and consideration, legalities.


Do you drive locally or is it mostly long distance?

I drive the UK, local and longer distances, all over Europe with motor racing events.


How do you combat tiredness?

Tiredness is a continual problem for most drivers, it is most important to take regular breaks particularly daily rests and drink plenty of fluids, cold water helps.


What are your driver essentials?

Essentials apart from carrying your licence’s and PPE are’ clear clean mirrors, window screens and glasses/ sun glasses, (all about good vision).


What are the best parts about being a driver?

Being a driver means you have you own freedom without others looking over your shoulder.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking at starting a career in driving?

Don’t do it (ha ha). Go out with someone who’s been driving for a while and listen out for their experience’s, get proper training from a reputable company with lots of experience. Don’t take short cuts in procedures (stick to a regular pattern coupling).              

My Time at Igloo

I had been in hospitality since leaving University, I was part of the management teams for the Harvester Restaurant brand as well as for the Spirit pub company. I wanted a change and it came by chance when I had a conversation with a manager of a company called HIT Training, they were a training provider to the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, this was not the right career move and less than a year later I knew I needed to find something else.

I remember reading the advert and applying for the Trainee Recruitment Consultant at Igloo and I was invited to give a 15-minute presentation to the two Directors at Igloo’s Head Office in Hinckley. Although very nervous I enjoyed the experience, and I was invited to a second interview with the two Directors and the companies Operations Manager. It was very icy when I pulled up in the car park, I had shoes on and within a yard or two I slipped over, as I looked up I could see the people I was due to meet with laughing, not the best start to the interview, however we all had a laugh about it and the final words from them was to take care in the car park. Needless to say, I slipped over again on my way back to the car much to everyone’s amusement at the time and still to this day. I am not sure if it was my presentation, the way I came across in my second interview or the fact they felt sorry for me for slipping over not once but twice in the car park, but I got the call and a job offer which I accepted straight away.

A month later, the 25th of February 2013 I started at Igloo, there was about 6 of us that all started in the same role that week and we were put straight onto a week’s training course which gave us the confidence and the skills to succeed in our new careers.

Once the training was out of the way we cut our teeth for the first few months making cold sales calls to companies within the sectors Igloo specialise in, we had to generate our own leads as well as using the companies’ databases to call through.

After a few months I joined the automotive recruitment team and started to recruitment for skilled automotive staff. I was given full support and training so I could understand exactly what I was recruiting for, and the skill sets involved. I was taken to sites and shown around, I saw first-hand how a bodyshop operates and got to speak to staff in all areas of the business and built my knowledge of the industry from there. I would complete site visits to have meetings with our client’s management teams, as well as our teams working for us. We would share the 24/7 emergency phone between the team to deal with any emergencies or problems outside of the usual office hours.

In 2017 I migrated away from the recruitment side of the business and was responsible for the installation of a biometric clocking in and out system across our clients’ sites and the setup of rules in the back end of the system. From here my role at Igloo evolved and a compliance and business support team were built providing crucial support to the operations teams within Igloo. Since the birth of the compliance and business support team we have had two very successful inspections from the Government’s Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, the last inspector stated that Igloo go above and beyond with their compliance and that it was one of the best inspections he had done.

Within my role and the compliance and business support teams remit we also place all adverts and receive all the ad response to distribute to the relevant teams, we report on this data to the director and senior managers in the business. We also manage the social media platforms for the business and parts of the website content. I have also supported with office moves and setting up IT equipment for colleagues to work on and with.

How To: Application Process

Wondering how easy our application process is? Keep reading to find out.

Over the years we have used e-sign platforms such as Docusign and Signable, but when we had our new website designed, we had our very own e-sign platform built into it and it makes the application for both the applicant and us a lot soother, quicker, and easier!

How does it work?

It is a really simple process, once you have spoken to our Recruitment Consultants they will send you an email with all the links to our registration documents in the body of the email, it is as simple as clicking the link and filling in the form with the requested information. Fields that have an asterix next to them are mandatory and will require you to put something in the text boxes.

Once you have completed the form you will need to click Submit or Next at the bottom of the page, you are not quite finished at this point, you will now be taken to a page with all of our documents on and the information you have provided will be placed into the correct areas and will be underlined, you can now scroll through our documents and sign at the bottom of the page, you will then need to click “Agree & Sign”, this will now send us a copy and you will also be sent a PDF copy for your records to the email address you have provided on the form.

Find out more about our registration process by clicking on the below link:

Registration Process

Once you have completed filling in your details you will need to:

  • Click ‘SUBMIT’. This will then take you to the next page where you can see the full document.
  • Please ensure that you read through the full document and click into the E-Signature box to sign.
  • Once signed you will see a blue button in the bottom right of the screen, ‘Agree & Sign’ once you click on this button Igloo will receive your completed sign off and you will also receive a copy of the document.

The packs are very straight forwards however, if you get stuck, we have a ‘chat with us’ option in the bottom right hand corner of the website. During office hours we will be active on this however, during out of office hours it will come into the compliance inbox and we will reply as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Registration Process

We often get questions regarding our application process, so we thought it would be best to answer them all in one go.


What happens after I register my interest and/or apply for a role with Igloo?
If you have registered your interest or applied directly for a position we are currently recruiting for on one of our online platforms, be it our website, a job board or social media, your application will come into our main recruitment mailbox where our Compliance & Business Support team will sort all of the applications into relevant departments where our experienced Recruitment Consultants will then start to contact applicants to discuss the position in more detail whilst asking questions to build a picture of your previous working experience.

Providing that you are still interested after hearing more about the position you have applied for and our Recruitment Consultant feels that you have the experience to succeed in the role they will invite you to go through either a face to face or an over the phone interview with them, during this interview our Recruitment Consultants will be going through your work history, starting most recently and working backwards. They will want you to give lots of details of the roles you have been working in previously and really paint a picture of what you did on a day to day basis.

Once the interview process our Recruitment Consultants will check with you that you are still happy to be put forward for the position, if you are you will now need to complete our registration documentation, this is a fairly simple process and doesn’t take long to complete, our Recruitment Consultants will send the application links via email to you.

You can find out what to expect from the application documentation by clicking the link below.

What to Expect with the Application Documentation

Registration Process FAQ’s

What is a KID?
This is a Key Information Document, this is something we will send you as an attachment on the email with the application links, this document is designed to give transparency regarding your employment and your pay. You will see the below on information on the Key Information Document:

          • Contact number for the Employment Agency Standards (EAS) Inspectorate.
          • Your name.
          • Name of the employment business.
          • Type of Contract you will be engaged under.
          • Frequency of your pay.
          • Expected or minimum rate of pay.
          • Deductions from your pay required by law.
                  • At the point of you receiving the Key Information document we won’t know if you have any deduction of earnings, such as child maintenance so we will be unable to list these.
          • Any other deductions or costs from your pay (to include amounts or how they are calculated).
          • Any fees for goods or services.
          • Holiday entitlement and pay.
          • Additional benefits.
          • Representative example of your pay.
                  • This is an example and it might be a differently hourly rate to what you are due to receive, but the example is based on a real life pay slip and will show a breakdown of the deductions you can expect to see.

Do I need to provide a proof of right to work in the UK?
Every applicant will need to produce a right to work in the UK document, even if you are a British Citizen, typical proof of right documents are:

          • British passport.
          • Full birth certificate accompanied with photo identification.
          • An online share code for non-British Citizens.

Why are you asking for a DVLA share code?
If the position involves any kind of driving then we will require a DVLA share code to complete an online check on your licence, this check will provide us with information regarding any driving offences or endorsements showing on your driving licence and the dates your driving licence and categories expire, we will complete these checks pre-employment and then every 3 months whilst you work for us.

Why do I need to complete an accident declaration?
If you are working in a role that involves any kind of driving for insurance purposes we must obtain this information so should we have to make a claim on our insurance we can show the insurance company that we have obtained this information from you. We will ask you complete a new accident declaration each time we do a 3 month DVLA licence check, this is just so we always have an up to date copy of this document on file just incase we ever need it.

Do I need to provide previous work references?
We will always ask for a minimum of two references, this is to ensure we are vetting all applicants correctly and putting applicants forward and into positions they are experienced to undertake.

I’m not too sure what job I want, can you help me?
Of course! We are here to help you find your next position and make the whole process as easy and stress free as possible. We will go through your work history and experience with you to ensure we find a position suitable for you.

I already have a job but I’m looking for some extra work, can I still apply?
Yes, we often have people who are looking for work on a weekend and their current position doesn’t offer this or more common is when people are working on 4 on, 4 off shifts and want to fill their days off with work, we can look to support you with this.

I already have a job but I am interested in moving on, can you work confidentially on my behalf?
Yes we can and this is something we have done over the years, we would need to have a conversation and understand your previous experience and what you were looking for, we would then speak to our clients and look to set up interviews, of course there does come a point where we have to give your name to a client but this would only happen once you wanted to progress with the potential position.

Once I have completed your registration process, how long is it before I can work?
Once you have completed our registration documents and have been passed through our compliance checks we will be in a position to get you out working ASAP.
Whilst this whole process sounds lengthy it really isn’t and we have had applicants fully complete the registration process and be out working the same day, so don’t worry its simple and we are always on the end of the phone, email or a text message to help and support you through this process.

How To: Contact Us

Here at Igloo, there’s more than just one way to contact us. So, if you’re running low on minutes or don’t have social media, then we can still talk!


01455 891 358

Option 1 – Automotive

Option 2 – Transport

Option 3 – Payroll

Option 4 – Accounts

Mobile Phones: (WhatsApp available)

Automotive – 07809 890 419

Transport – 07920 499 699

Payroll – 07974 938 034

Vehicle Fleet management

Igloo Fleet Solutions

After years of supplying delivery and collection drivers to some of the UK’s leading fleet companies, as well as smaller, independent clients, it was decided in 2022 that Igloo would open our very own Fleet Solutions department providing our current and new clients with a vehicle movement and specialist handover service.

We have recruited an experienced team to run the department. Members of the team have over 20 years experience managing single and bulk vehicle movements for major car manufacturers, leasing companies and auction sites. These movements include fleet demonstration, events, prestige VIP, inspect & collect, company car and much more.

The start of this new and exciting venture was a frustrating one for all concerned, obtaining insurance to use Trade Plates, to cover a single car transporter, a 9-seat minibus and 2 17-seater minibuses, proved a lengthy process but we finally got the policy signed off by the insurers and we now have drivers supporting clients with their vehicle movements and vehicle handovers.

We have specialist software that enables our team to complete and record inspections before they start their journey and then again when they reach their destination

Igloo Fleet Solutions offers a complete vehicle movement solution, whether you have 1, ad-hoc vehicle movement or you have daily vehicle movements we have a solution for you.

Need an untaxed vehicle moving?

No problem, we have the best, fully insured, trade plate drivers that can complete this movement for you.

Have a requirement for a regular team of drivers?

We work with some of the largest fleet companies in the UK undertaking their vehicle movements all over the UK, we supply teams of drivers on a daily and weekly basis.

Want to save on your expenses bill?

Are you looking to cut down on the expenses you pay out to your drivers? If so, talk to us today about how we can help by utilising our minibuses to move drivers around the country.

Are you a driver or are you looking for a change in career and interested in finding out more about joining the team at Igloo Fleet Solutions?

We are always looking for professional drivers to join the team, if you are interested in joining please call the team now on 01455 891358, option 1 or email your CV to