Highway Code Updates 2022

Highway Code updates are coming into effect from January 29th, 2022, however, there’s fears that this will ‘increase road rage incidents’, ‘accidents’ and ‘dangerous confusion’ as not enough has been done to make people aware of the changes.

What are the new Highway Code changes?

Drivers will have more responsibility to keep an eye out for people cycling, walking and riding a horse. Cyclists will have more responsibility to be aware of any pedestrians.

When drivers are turning into a road, they are required to give way to pedestrians waiting to cross.

Cars must leave at least 1.5 meters room when passing cyclists below 30mph however, if you are doing over 30mph then you should leave 2 meters distance.

Cyclists are encouraged to ride in the middle of the road and if there’s a cycle lane, they are not obliged to use it.

Guidance says, ‘it can be safer for cyclists to ride two abreast’.