COVID-19 Safety Measures

We have taken steps at our offices to ensure that our offices are safe for our employees and workers to return to as we start to welcome our team back to work.
At our Head Office we have ensured all the workstations are a minimum of 2 metres apart with no staff being asked to work opposite a colleague. We have fully risk assessed our office and have a Covid-19 Safe Systems of Work document that will be shared with all our returning head office team, which as well as social distancing measures includes appropriate safety equipment and products such as hand sanitiser, wipes and anti-bacterial spray placed frequently around the offices and near common touch points. We will also be giving returning employees a welcome back induction to explain in detail the new office rules and layout.

Many of our workers and employees work at our client’s sites where Igloo will be supporting our clients with welcome back inductions to advise returning workers of the new site rules and layout and providing details of site risk assessments.

Igloo is committed to ensuring the safety of all of our employees and workers whether that is at Igloo’s offices or at our client’s sites, we have representatives that are constantly reviewing the onsite safety and will make changes and suggestions as appropriate to ensure that risks are continually measured, monitored and responded to accordingly.