coronavirus how its effecting igloo

COVID-19 and the impact this is having in our sectors

As key workers Igloo’s employees will play a key role in keeping the Transport and Logistics sector running smoothly.

There has been a boom in the Transport and Logistics sector due to the high demands in the supermarkets. Igloo’s team are working tirelessly, day and night, to keep this supply chain running smoothly and helping to keep the essentials in the supermarkets due to the high demands in the stores.

However, within the automotive industry we are seeing the total opposite with COVID-19 rapidly evolving, warehouses, docks and plants have all been affected, we are seeing warehouses are coming to a halt and manufacturing plants have suspended production to ensure the health and safety of all employees and the wider public. China is one of the largest markets in the automotive industry so therefore the production lines have stopped due to the lack of parts coming in. Many cars that are made in Spain, Italy and France are exported to other European countries however, during the lockdown in some of these countries people are unable to go out and buy cars or even make them, due to this no cars are being shipped into the UK docks which is having a major impact on companies and their employees.

As the World slowly locks itself down to contain this awful virus, Igloo will continue to play its part in ensuring that key workers are out working whilst ensuring these workers are safe and remain healthy. These people along with all the other key workers in other sectors across the country are playing an unbelievable role in ensuring all of our families are fed and watered each day.

Stay vigilant and safe and please ensure you are being socially responsible by keeping your distance between each other.